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What Does The PA Wounded Warriors Organization Do?

Founded with a pivotal goal, PA Wounded Warriors, Inc. assists over 1,200 veterans and their families each year, offering more than $1,500,000 in aid. Their organization specializes in providing urgent financial support to veterans, aiding them in meeting essential needs like housing, utilities, transportation, medical care, and other critical expenses.

Their approach involves making direct payments to landlords, vendors, and creditors, ensuring that the assistance they provide is timely and directly addresses the needs of the veterans.

Veterans in Pennsylvania have honorably served our nation across various conflicts, and many are now in a phase of recovery, whether it be physical, mental, or emotional. They may be receiving care in military hospitals, Veteran’s Administration medical facilities, or recuperating at home with their families. During these challenging times, financial support becomes crucial for them.

It is the generous contributions from donors that empower them to extend this much-needed support to our Pennsylvania veterans, helping them in their journey towards healing and stability.

The Tee Off for PA Wounded Warriors Golf Tournament is a very special and patriotic event that benefits Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors Inc. This is a 1-flight tournament held on the 4th Saturday of July.

The National Anthem starts the game, an American flag drone fly-over, and 18 American flags on every hole are some of the highlights of this special event.

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