Tee Off Against

We Golf To Save Lives

About Tee Off Against

Established in 2013, Tee Off Against is a recognized 501(c)(3) organization committed to hosting annual golf tournaments primarily supporting the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors, Inc. Beyond these tournaments, Tee Off Against actively engages in community events that benefit various other charities. These events include St. Paddy’s Day breakfasts, radio promotions, Harrisburg Senator events, and additional golf tournaments.

The foundation of Tee Off Against’s achievements can be traced back to the extraordinary dedication, commitment, and tireless efforts of our volunteers. Among these, the Tee Off Against Board stands out for its pivotal role in guiding our initiatives. This Board is composed of five dedicated members who have invested countless hours and years of service. Their focus and commitment have been instrumental in meticulously planning and executing each event. Through their leadership, the Board ensures that every Tee Off Against activity is not only well-organized but also imbued with an engaging and enjoyable atmosphere, fostering a sense of community and purpose among participants and supporters alike.

This team’s expertise in event management, combined with their deep understanding of our mission and the causes we support, has enabled Tee Off Against to consistently deliver successful and impactful events. The Board’s strategic planning, attention to detail, and ability to inspire and coordinate volunteers are integral to our organization’s ongoing success and the meaningful contribution we make to the charities we support.

We invite you to learn more about our journey and meet the passionate Team behind Tee Off Against.

The T.O.A. Mission

“Empowering Communities through Golf: Tee Off Against is dedicated to harnessing the spirit of golf to create impactful and engaging community events. Our mission is to support vital charities, primarily the Leukemia Lymphoma Society and Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors, Inc., through annual golf tournaments and a variety of community-centric activities. Driven by the unwavering commitment of our volunteers and the strategic leadership of our Board, we strive to organize events that are not only well-planned and enjoyable but also foster a sense of unity and purpose. At Tee Off Against, we are committed to making a difference, one swing at a time.”

Dan Sanchez

Founder/Executive Director

Daniel Sanchez is the esteemed founder and President of Tee Off Against (TOA), a non-profit organization dedicated to raising awareness and funds for critical causes through premier golf tournaments. Under his leadership, TOA primarily supports the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Central PA and PA Wounded Warriors, alongside contributions to Make-A-Wish, Four Diamonds, and the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Daniel’s journey with TOA began in 2013, inspired by his involvement in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Man and Woman of the Year contest. Despite the daunting task of organizing a fundraising golf event in less than eight weeks, his determination led to the highly successful inaugural Tee Off Against Cancer Golf Tournament at Rich Valley Golf course. This event, which remarkably attracted 208 golfers and extended into the afternoon, marked the inception of Tee Off Against and Daniel’s continued commitment to combating cancer through golf.

Leading Tee Off Against has been a profoundly rewarding experience for Daniel. The personal stories and connections made during these tournaments have deepened his passion for the cause. The dedication of Tee Off volunteers and the invaluable contribution of the all-volunteer Board Members in promoting TOA’s vision and message, “We Golf to Save Lives,” have been particularly impactful.

Daniel extends his heartfelt gratitude to the local business community and the enthusiastic golfers whose participation ensures the success of TOA’s tournaments. He is always eager to share more about the inspiring “We Golf to Save Lives” story and to involve others in TOA’s remarkable events.

For further information or to participate in these transformative golf tournaments, Daniel Sanchez can be reached at dsanchez@teeoffagainst.org or via phone at 717-503-8381.

Beth Graham


Beth, a long-time resident of the local area, brings over 35 years of experience in the field of accounting. Her journey with Tee Off Against began when she first volunteered for the organization’s inaugural tournament, an event led by Dan in support of the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society’s Man of the Year campaign.

Gradually increasing her involvement, Beth played a more significant role in the subsequent tournament. Recognizing her extensive accounting expertise, Dan appointed her as the Treasurer for Tee Off Against’s Board of Directors, a position she has held since. This role has not only been a professional commitment for Beth but also a personal one. Having known several individuals who have battled and overcome leukemia, her work with Tee Off Against is a heartfelt tribute to these resilient fighters.

Beth’s dedication to using her professional skills for a meaningful cause has been a valuable asset to the organization. She is available for contact regarding her role and contributions to Tee Off Against at bgraham@teeoffagainst.org.

Kristin Bender

Executive Secretary

Kristin, a distinguished professional with a robust 18-year career in engineering, has deep roots in Mechanicsburg where she was born and raised. Her engagement with Tee Off Against began through a fortuitous meeting with Dan at Moe’s, during his campaign for the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society’s Man of the Year. Intrigued by Dan’s initiative to organize a golf tournament for fundraising, Kristin eagerly volunteered to support the event.

Her dedication and enthusiasm were evident from the start, as she has consistently participated in every tournament since her initial involvement. Recognizing her commitment and organizational skills, Kristin was invited to join the Tee Off Against Board as the Secretary after the second tournament. In this role, she has not only contributed her professional expertise but also her personal dedication to the cause.

Kristin considers it a privilege to be part of the Tee Off Against team, contributing to its mission and working alongside individuals who share her passion for making a positive impact in the community. Her role as Secretary underscores her commitment to the organization’s success, ensuring effective communication and meticulous record-keeping to support their ongoing endeavors.

Joshua Gates

Director of IT

I have been involved with Tee Off Against since their inception in 2013. It was my genuine pleasure to build their very first website which served as the registration plaform for the first 12 years of tournaments, and other events. I’m delighted to be back on board with Dan and all the other wonderful members who volunteer their valuable time to the causes Tee Off supports.

A little about me

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From the very start of the new millennium, I had a passion for building websites. I started, like most “coding OG’s”, learning how to code programming languages in my spare time just to satisfy my inner nerd. I’m convinced that Mountain Dew and Pizza Hut are still in business today solely from my coding binges. I had to eat, right?

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Additional Board Members

Chris Bahnweg

Chris Bahnweg, Tee Off Against Board Member, is a well-traveled individual. His father was in the Air Force, which, as a family, had them traveling all over the world. Chris continued that in his professional life, by getting involved in outside sales in the flooring industry. Chris started in the flooring industry in 1988, and has worked in it since.

Chris married his wife of 28 years, Dorothy, in 1993. And they had a son together, Christian, in 1994. They have lived in the Camp Hill, Pa., area, their entire married life, and in trying to become involved in the area, Chris was looking for a good cause to get involved in. As fate would have it, Chris saw an advertisement on the marquee at Moe’s Bar and Grill regarding the Tee Off Against golf fundraiser, when in it’s second year. Signed up to golf in the outing that year, and liked what he saw, so jumped in to help, and ended up becoming a board member.

One of the main reasons that this cause meant so much to Chris, was that his wife, Dorothy, had a blood disease, Neutropenia, a precursor to leukemia, and TOA was raising money for LLS. In 2020, Dorothy’s blood disease morphed into leukemia. Dorothy was in the hospital almost the entire time she had leukemia, and succumbed to the disease in May of 2021, making Chris’s efforts with TOA and LLS even more personal.

Andy Draisey

My name is Andy Draisey. I’ve lived in the Mechanicsburg/Lewisberry area all my life. I’ve been on the TEE OFF Board for a few years now and have been volunteering almost every year. I remember the first year the team was bag stuffing, the Thursday before the tournament right at the bar at Moes. Standing too close to the action I was quickly out to work.  

I’ve lost a couple people in my life to various forms of cancer, as most of us have these days, and that’s basically the main reason I enjoy volunteering for these events. The team we have works well together and we all enjoy doing these events together. Raising money to help cancer research and giving back to wounded warriors who have sacrificed for our freedom is also why I volunteer. 

Lynn Phillips

I have lived in the area most of my life. Volunteering has always played a role within my family. From charity walks to donating my time at the local firehouse.

Raising money to fight cancer and to help those in need through PA Wounded Warriors are two areas I am proud to serve.

After volunteering my first Tee Off tournament, I knew I found a home.