Tee Off Against

We Golf To Save Lives

Join Us in Teeing Off Against Cancer and Supporting Pennsylvania Wounded Warriors

At Tee Off Against, we believe in making a real difference in the lives of those battling cancer and our brave wounded warriors in Pennsylvania. As a dedicated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, our mission is twofold: to fund groundbreaking cancer research and to provide much-needed support to Pennsylvania’s wounded warriors and their families.

Why Your Support Matters

Cancer touches the lives of millions, and our wounded warriors have made immense sacrifices for our freedom. Your contribution helps us to:

  • Fund cutting-edge cancer research, bringing hope to countless individuals and families affected by this disease.
  • Provide vital assistance to Pennsylvania’s wounded warriors, supporting them in their journey towards healing and reintegration into civilian life.

The Power of Your Donation

Every donation, big or small, makes a significant impact:

  • $10 can help provide essential resources for cancer research laboratories.
  • $50 can contribute to the rehabilitation programs for wounded warriors.
  • $100 can aid in advanced research projects or support a warrior’s family during a critical time.
  • Choose Your Own Amount: Every dollar counts in the fight against cancer and in supporting our heroes.

Thank You for Your Support

Your generosity is a beacon of hope. Together, we can Tee Off Against cancer and stand strong with Pennsylvania’s wounded warriors. Every contribution brings us closer to a world with less suffering and more healing.

Tax-Deductible Giving

As a 501(c)(3) organization, your generosity is not just an act of kindness but also a tax-deductible contribution. By donating to Tee Off Against, you’re not only supporting crucial causes but also receiving the benefits of tax-deductible giving.